hiking~hosp grove

So today I thought I’d try something different and go for a little hike. North County Coastal San Diego has a lot of spots for hiking that are easy to moderate in difficulty. So today I picked one that is close by and that I have passed numerous times, but never stopped. I got the dog in the car and we took the short drive to Hosp Grove in northern Carlsbad.

entrance to hosp grove park

The trail was shorter than I expected, but it had about a 100 ft. elevation, so it definitely got the heart rate up. It only took me 25 min. to do the loop. There is another section of the trails that look longer based on the map, so we’ll save that for another day.

starting out on the hike

looking up

very happy dog

buena vista lagoon

another peek at the buena vista lagoon

It was a nice change from the usual sidewalk trek down to the beach with the dog. It wasn’t as long, but it definitely was challenging with the hill. I think the dog liked it.

all smiles and a bit sweaty

happy dog on the way home


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