last night’s dinner~filet mignon with balsamic syrup and goat cheese

Have you ever had anything that just screamed decadence, like you know you shouldn’t be eating this…well that is how this fabulous dish was. Filet is my absolute favorite food, and coupled with goat cheese, I knew I ‘d be happy, but I didn’t know I would be in heaven. This may become my signature dish!

Henry’s had a sale on filet, $7.99/lb. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it in a while, so I had to splurge and found this amazing recipe on It was so easy, although I wished I had watched the video before I tried to make it,but it turned out fabulously! It was low carb, but a bit too much sugar, I added 1 Tbsp. (I only had 2 servings of steak so I cut the recipe into thirds.)

This gets 5 stars from me!

Here is the photographic evidence:

the balsamic being reduced

the steaks, a bit large, but they weren’t trimmed of fat, obviously!

pan frying the steak

after the flip

goat cheese from costco, i love the name!

going into the broiler

sauteeing the green beans in olive oil with Trader Joe’s everyday seasoning

the fancy hawaiian sea salt i used on the steak

the finished product

Absolutely fabulous. To quote Rachel Zoe, “I Die!”


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