So it took me a few extra days, but I finally had success today with my food choices. I have started to read Women, Food, & God by Geneen Roth and doing the 15-week program on There is a journaling section, and I think it has really helped, ok only 2 days in, but I’m really going to focus on why I overeat and why I choose the ice cream, or chocolate, or candy, or whatever sugar-laden food I can get my hands on.

Today’s food: (just to show that I didn’t have much sugar!)

Breakfast – omelet (2 egg whites, 1 whole egg) with cheese, 1 slice of ham, & onions

Lunch – chicken sandwich and Stacy’s pita chips

Snack – Stacey’s pita chips

Dinner – leftover chicken and potato wedges

I probably should have had something green, but I am calling this a successful day b/c I didn’t eat sugary foods. And I did my grocery shopping and did not buy any sugary foods either. I’m on my way. I think my mind is getting on the right track, which makes me feel good, and makes it easier for me to get up early to walk, to slow down while eating, and to go to the gym after work.

Tomorrow is my week 1 weigh-in. I’m not expecting much, and will be surprised if I gain. Disappointing I know, but that’s just how I feel about how this week went. Well, there’s always week 2, and it’s gonna be a great one!


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