Geez, day 2 of my new healthy life journey is not going so well. I really suck at this. Monday started great, had an omelet for breakfast, then went to work and had Reese’s Pieces and Chex Mix. They were leftover from Friday adn I just had to eat them all. Lunch was good, stuck with what I made. Dinner made a hamburger and oven fries. Then went to Cold Stone. Geez, I have no idea why I did any of that. I just felt like it. I need to figure out how or why I just felt like it. I don’t even remember tasting any of the junk. And then today, I did worse, except I went to target and proceeded to get more reese’s pieces, goldfish-like crackers, and a peppermint patty. plus a diet pepsi. And I ate it all, even the box of crackers! Gah, I have no idea why. I just wanted something salty and something sweet. How can I change my thinking, how can I stop these cravings? How can I get on track to lose the weight? And I didn’t even walk this morning, and was so tired this afternoon. So I know what good a walk in the am can do for me, that I’m not tired by the afternoon, and I just feel better. But I just didn’t go today. I must remember that feeling from Monday when my alarm goes off at 5:55am tomorrow. I will feel good!


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