Week 0

So it has begun, my Healthy Life Journey. Going to start with some stats:

Weight: 239

BMI:  42.3


Waist (around belly button):  40″ Natural Waist: 40.5″    Hips: 50.25″     Bust: 40″

{So surprised about my hip measurement, wow 50″! that is more than 4 ft. around. I’m so embarrased}

Meal Plan: Completed!

Exercise Plan: Swim 3x/week for 30 min.; Walk/Cardio 5 x for at least 30 min.

  • Monday: Morning Walk~37 min.
  • Tuesday: Nothing 😦
  • Wednesday: Morning Walk~38 min.
  • Thursday: Nothing 😦
  • Friday: Nothing 😦
  • Saturday: Morning Walk~40 min.

Milestones (I hate to put numbers to these, but I’m hoping to lose 2 lbs/week, although I’m really looking forward to wearing clothes that I have in storage since I can’t wear them b/c I’m too big!)

These are all work events or holidays. I always want to look good for work events since I always feel more confident, so while my life doesn’t revolve around work (most of the time), I figure they are better than nothing.

  1. CEP Oct. 22–8 weeks (16 lbs)
  2. Thanksgiving–13 weeks (26 lbs.)
  3. Christmas–17 weeks (34 lbs.)
  4. National Sales Meeting–22 weeks (44 lbs.)
  5. AAOS–25 weeks (50 lbs.)

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