a new adventure

So I’ve mentioned many times that I suck at blog writing. I can only get better with practice though right? No clue if anyone is reading this, but as I get more comfortable writing here and also commenting on other people’s blogs, maybe I’ll get some readers. I’m not really anxious for anyone to read this, but from what I’ve seen on others blogs, it may just help keep me accountable as I embark on a new adventure. Ok, maybe not so new, but definitely a refresh.

New adventure: Blogging about losing weight, the trials and tribulations of what goes on in my head as I try for the umpteenth time to lose weight. This blog will give me a chance to put down in the universe what my goals are for the week, and then I can comment on them and jazz up the blog as I go. I’m thinking maybe some stars for every lb. I lose. And instead of a weight loss adventure, I’m calling it a Healthy Life Journey, since losing weight, working out, eating right, and loving myself is really what it’s about. I don’t care what the number on the scale shows, as I long as I love myself inside and out, and am no longer at risk for a variety of health scares, then I will have succeeded.

List of things to do as Monday comes around and week 1 starts:

  1. Determine overall goal weight
  2. Weigh self and take measurements on Monday
  3. Meal Planning
  4. Writing down what I eat
  5. Create milestones

I’m gonna start with those 5 things. Too many more and I’ll drive myself crazy. Off to figure out what my goal weight should be (I know what it should be, but what is realistic), do some meal planning (already did this, but it was so general, just enough to go grocery shopping for the week), and create milestones (certain events that I want to have lost x amount by, certain events I want to participate in, etc., and not too many to start with). I’m looking forward to this journey and able to share on my blog. I should probably do a goal of posting on this journey at least once a week. I still want to write about other things happening, but will aim to do a Healthy Life Journey posting at least once a week.

Alright, that’s it for now. Tomorrow, weigh self so I know my starting weight and how far I have to go. So looking forward to this challenge 🙂


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