So I’ve been watching the show on ABC Family “Huge.”

I can’t say that it is a great show, but some of it does resonate with me. The insecurities, the wanting to be thin, wanting a cake on my birthday when I’m supposed to be eating right, first kisses, rooming with 6 other people, bunk beds, etc. Something else stuck out to me this time. The camp leader was on a date and mentioned that she was on a 12 step program. She said something like, it’s not a bad one, it was overeaters anonymous. I couldn’t believe it, she was so thin, but no wonder she ran the “fat camp.” She had been through so much of what the kids had been, that it made sense that now she wanted to help these kids. (Ok, I know it is a tv show and not real life.) It made me realize that overeating is a lifelong addiction, and it is ok to ask for help and to continue to seek help even when a goal has been reached.I have a friend who went through the overeaters program and I’m not sure if she still goes to meetings, but I really should ask her about it again!

I had lost 50 lbs about 18 months, felt awesome, had my before and after pics in a book, and was closer to my goal, then shit happens and I lose focus, I lose out on why I had wanted to lose the weight. And I realized I didn’t really have a  reason to lose the weight except to maybe be on Oprah, the Today Show, Regis and Kelly, or in a book,thanks to working with a bestselling author on his newest “diet”  or “lifestyle”. Well that goal wasn’t going to sustain me for the rest of my life! I got into the book, and even before it was published I had gained back 20-30 lbs.  I know there are so many reasons to lose the weight, but at the time, I wanted to be on tv or in a book or magazine, again not going to sustain throughout my life. So I’m challenging myself right now to find a reason and post a big ol’ poster board on my door with the reason. And of course to be accountable to this blog and post my reason for losing and my progress and my goals.

I pretty much suck at this blogging stuff, so it can only get better, right!


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