low key weekend

So on Friday I was getting my list of things to do for the weekend together, and pretty much said screw it. I knew I had to meal plan and grocery shop and make some dinners, but that was it. I did have go to gym on the list, but well I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I pretty much went all weekend without doing much of anything. I did run some errands today, 4 different grocery stores, I know I’m crazy, but I want the deals :). I haven’t factored in the amount of gas I spend, but most times I don’t go out of the way to get to a store. I did go to Stater Bros. which was a little bit out of the way, but I sort of wanted to check out what else the store offered. My friend thinks they have really low prices, but the only thing I saw on the flyer was for a 2.99/lb pork loin. So I bought it and made my dinner tonight. Big ass 3 lb. pork loin, all for myself, ha yeah right! There was quite a bit of fat on it, so I chopped that off, and ended up with 5 servings. I’m guessing 4-6 oz. for each. Pretty good stuff. Found the recipe in one of my Cooking Light supper club mailings.

I’ve really enjoyed using recipes from all my cookbooks or online. I’ve never really made an attempt at following recipes for more than a week, but this is really working. And I’m not eating out so much. I think I’ve only gotten food at a restaurant once this month. We’ll see how the grocery costs are, but I think they are pretty much under control.

August is my test month with a budget. I want to see what’s left over each month. Have way too much debt and am really wanting so much stuff, like either a new apartment, or my own home (condo, it is SoCal), or to go on a nice vacation (like to Europe, since I’ve never been). So I’m working on it. 3 years is my goal to get out of credit card debt. Student loan debt is another story, but I figure CC debt is what needs to be done first. Once that is done, I can really start to look at buying my own place. And by then, maybe I’ll know where I want to settle down if it isn’t San Diego.

Alright, off to make my lunch for tomorrow. I’m starting low carb low sugar tomorrow. It worked before, so I’m gonna try it again. Weighing self once a week.

Also, I’ve started thinking maybe I can start doing video stuff. I hate what I look and sound like on video, but I think I’ll be much more accountable. We’ll see. My ipod nano actually does video, so I might as well try it out.

Cheers to a new week!


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