marinate for 8 hours?! there goes tonight’s dinner

Seriously, how many recipes can I choose that require the meat to marinate! This is the 2nd one in 2 weeks that I looked over the recipe, but didn’t see that you had to marinate. The first one was only for 4 hours, but tonight’s was for 8 hours. Good thing I sort of had a back up plan and just switched Thursday’s meals for tonight and lunch tomorrow. (yeah for CPK Sicilian Thin Crust Pizza.) So I put together the ingredients for Steak Soft Tacos from Everyday Favorites Southern Living Cookbook. Pretty easy to make and put together, but I’m wondering if using the Lawry’s 30 min. marinades are cheaper or not. That would take too much work to figure out the per serving costs, of like a 1/3 cup of canola oil or a 1/2 tsp. of chili powder. But I’d save a heck of a lot of time! Although I kind of like mixing my own marinades up, it’s like I’m really cooking. So I hope it is worth the time it takes to marinade and I have some kick-ass soft tacos tomorrow night! If it’s good (tomorrow), I’ll post pics and the recipe…


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